Computer Help

Having trouble with your PC or MAC, let me know what the issue is and I can help you solve it.

  • Anti-Virus Issues
  • Hard Drive running wierd
  • Updates not applying
  • Operating System needs to be updated
  • Mouse not working right
  • Is it time for more memory?
  • Why is my internet so slow?

Domains, Hosting, Search Engine Optimization

Do you need to register a domain, host a web site?  We can help you get all of it setup and configured.  We set it up so you can manage it or we can continue to provide assistance.  We also offer Search Engine Optimization to help your site come up when searched in major search engines.

Build a Web Site, Market Yourself

Think you can't get a website up and running, you can, and our easy online tools will make it simple for you!  Once you get the site up and running we have tools that will help you market it as well

Blogs, Email

What is a blog, what do I use it for, and why do you need it?  Is it time for you to get your own email address?

Let us help you make your message heard and your email valuable.

Computer Help Now

Download the TexanIT Admin Tool so we can help.